Fairgrounds Housing Farm Animals

Benton Co. FairgroundsCORVALLIS, Ore. — Keeping farm animals safe can be challenging for farmers when fields start to flood, so the Benton County Fairgrounds is opening as a temporary housing facility for animals who might be having a difficult time with the weather.

The fairgrounds opens its facilities to the public every year when the Willamette Valley sees heavy rain as it has this week. Lonny Wunder, the Fair Manager, says the important thing is to make sure the animals are safe.

“During this time when people are really stressed, the last thing they need to think about is how much is it going to cost me?” Wunder said.

The fairgrounds offers animal boarding throughout the year at a cost, but during this period of heavy rain, it will not charge. The facility will provide bedding, but owners still have to feed their animals and clean up after them.

“They could be llamas or could be pigs or anything,” Wunder said. “If you need to get your animals out of there, we have a place for you.”

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