Fall Storm Hits Oregon Coast

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FLORENCE, Ore. — The coast is getting slammed hard with high winds and downpours.

Hurricane force winds are being reported on the coast and there is a high surf advisory. It’s really hard to walk around there without being blown around, and residents say it is just a sign that the winter season is here.

Bridgeport Market owner Jay Cable has lived and owned a business in Florence for years.

“We’ve seen a few storms come by. Yes, we have and we are right here in the brunt of it,” Cable said.

He says this storm really started to get its force Monday morning.

“We have the heavy gusts. That’s what I have seen–some heavy gusts, the trees out front really bending and swaying, They are doing a construction project across the street, and I saw some of the barricades tipping over and blowing down the road, and so that is a challenge for those people as well,” Cable said.

He says fortunately most of the fishermen are done fishing. We found a number of residents hiding out in local restaurants and coffee shops, escaping the downpours.

“I could be outdoors today, but I am not that desperate to do anything outdoors, so I will take the day off from that,” said Florence resident Dennis Smith.

“I live by the beach too and, and so my house does shake and rattle but I don’t know it’s not anything unusually,” said Florence resident Leigh Aurich.

Still the waves are churning and some say they just can’t miss checking out the surf. One visitor even brought his wind meter.

“I just came from New York and we just went through Hurricane Sandy, so what we are going through here is comparable but, but it’s nice we are on the coast instead of in the city with all the dangerous trees,” said New York resident Heather Lake.

Still left and right we saw residents running for cover or just slowing down with a good book.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is on high alert monitoring the high winds and the possibility for flooding.

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