Falling Branches Causing Hazards

falling branchesEUGENE, Ore. — Calls poured in all day Saturday about heavy, ice-covered branches falling on cars, houses, and power lines. Many viewers were concerned about people’s safety.

Andrew Traweek lives in the Whiteaker area of Eugene. He says a tree branch fell on his mother-in-law’s car Saturday morning. It broke the windshield and dented the back door.

Though he was upset about the damage, Traweek says he was more concerned about his neighbors walking around outside and getting hurt.

“As we were out there, dragging the tree branch out, branches started falling out of all the trees around us as people were walking by,” says Traweek.  “One of them literally went right by a guy’s head, maybe two inches from his head. And it was a close call.”

Traweek wanted to tell his story to warn others of the danger of falling limbs.

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