Family and Friends React to Inmates’ Release

EUGENE, Ore. — Family and friends of both Alan Platt and Bryson Krissie are speaking out about the release of inmates accused of killing their loved ones.

Platt was killed at South Creek Lake this past May, and investigators believe Aaron Curry did it.

“I’m feeling very outraged. Murders, rapists and child molesters should be locked up. They shouldn’t be allowed to be monitored by an ankle bracelet or any other thing,” said Platt’s sister Alison Cavarra

Bryson Krissie was killed in a hit-and-run accident earlier this month that the sheriff’s office believes was caused by Jason Manske.

“They must have a reason for putting him on the streets, no matter how stupid a reason it might be, but they are gonna bring him back and he is gonna go to prison. Just don’t think he should have freedoms while he is waiting to go to prison,” said Krissie’s roommate Cory Sekora.

“I’m furious. Someone who took an amazing man’s life should not be on the streets. Not for a second. Not for a minute. Not ever,” said Krissie’s girlfriend Crystal Gann.

Curry and Manske will wear ankle bracelets until their trials begin.

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