Family Fights to Keep Murderer in Jail

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OREGON CITY, Ore. — A murder victim’s family is being forced to relive their tragic loss more than two decades later.

The man convicted of killing 22-year-old Lisa Flormoe from Charbonneau will be back in court next week.

Todd Davilla pleaded guilty to Flormoe’s brutal murder back in 1992. Due to sentencing guidelines and changes in law over the years, this will be the fifth sentencing the family has had to go through.

Davilla was 16 years old when he broke into the Charbonneau home where Flormoe was visiting friends. Her resistance to his rape attempt led to her death. Authorities found her dead at the scene with multiple slash wounds to her neck.

The victim’s family says the 21-year ordeal has been difficult to say the least.

“We’ll never get Lisa back, but we’ve wanted to have justice be served. Her life is gone. Her rights are gone. We’d like to see him stay in prison as long as possible,” said Lisa’s sister Lorna Flormoe.

Lisa’s family believes it’s not just about fighting for Lisa, but protecting others. They said it was revealed in trial that he had done similar acts at least twice before.

Flormoe would have been 43 this past May.

The sentencing trial will take place in Clackamas County on Oct. 23 and 24.

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  1. L.Y. says:

    I support the family’s attempt to keep this animal caged up for as long as possible.
    I do not believe that “sentencing guidelines and changes in the law over the years” should be retro active.

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