Family Looks for Missing Springfield Man

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police alerted the community earlier this week about a 25-year-old Springfield man who’s been missing since late last month.

Rocky Redmon’s family first found out he was missing when they found a goodbye note in his apartment. They said that seemed more like a suicide note.

Ever since, they’ve been worried and confused about where he could be.

They said with the note they found his wallet, backpack, and an empty gun case for a gun they didn’t know he owned. They and police assume he took the gun with him and his brand new bike. But other than that, they have no idea where he would have gone.

“It feels really confusing, and hurtful, but the important thing is just to find him, just focusing on that, and that’s what’s getting me through it,” said Redmon’s sister Mary Grace Redmon.

Rocky’s mom and sister say support has been amazing from extended family and friends. Police are assisting in searches too.

Detectives say they haven’t ruled anything out as they continue their investigation.

The Redmons also ask that anyone living along the river could keep an eye out, as that’s a place Rocky liked to go. If you have any information, call Springfield Police.

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  1. Vetzero says:

    From the look on his face…I’d say he’s ‘unhappy’.

    Could it be he said, Goodbye, and that’s all he meant ?

    Just got fed up with it all out here in ‘Wonderful Land’ (like I have) and took off for points unknown ?

    I’d take my own gun with me too. Wouldn’t want anyone else to get their hands on it and use it in a ?

    Maybe he IS going to use it on himself….think you can stop him ? If he’s intent on that what does anyone think they can do about it ?

    Sometimes, when people disappear they don’t want to be found.

    Good luck finding him…better luck finding him alive…if that’s his intent.

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