Family of Murder Victim Speaks

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OAKRIDGE, Ore. — No one is ever prepared to lose a family member.

News of Jenny Gamez’ death is hitting her foster family hard.

Law enforcement positively identified Jenny Gamez as one of the victims found in suitcases on June 5 near the town of Geneva, Wisconsin.

The first body identified was 37-year-old Laura Simonson of Minnesota.

The 21-year-old last lived in Cottage Grove, but grew up in Oakridge.

Former police officer Steven Zelich was arrested last week in connection with the deaths.

Sources say he had relationships with both women and told authorities he was involved in their deaths.

KEZI 9 News sat down with Gamez’ foster dad and foster sister. Click to watch the story as they look back on her years at home in Oakridge and the legacy she leaves behind.

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