Family Prepares Holiday Light Sensation

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EUGENE, Ore. — We’re less than three weeks away from Christmas, but one Eugene man takes six months to get ready for the holiday.

Myles Prevost dedicates his entire garage to a winter wonderland. As soon as he takes the Halloween decorations down, he starts preparing for Christmas. He adorned his Santa Clara home with 40,000 lights this year. That’s double last year’s number.

He has boxes and boxes packed with colored lights, icicle lights and big holiday blow-ups. And the display isn’t just for looking at, it’s timed to music.

Prevost originally started with a Mr. Christmas Holiday Music Box, and three years later he upgraded to the Light O-Rama. “The downfall to the Mr. Christmas Box is ┬áthat the music blares outside so if you have neighbors, they can be pretty upset,” says Prevost.

There are 32 channels in all. “If we are listening to music we bop our heads to the beat. The lights are pretty much doing the same,” says Prevost.

You can drive up and tune in to 92.5 FM. There are 16 songs in the lineup. Each three minute song takes about four hours to program, which would explain why Prevost thinks about Christmas during summer.

It’s a lot of work, but for a short window of time. He says the joy makes it all worth it. “That’s happiness. That’s why I do it.”

Prevost says joy is all he wants to give. “It’s my way of saying that there is no Scrooge. Santa does exist. He’s here.”

The light show is at the intersection of Blackfoot Ave. and Crocker Rd., across the street from Spring Creek Elementary School.

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