Family Reacts to Assault Verdict

Jesse JimenezALBANY, Ore. — A 20-year-old Lebanon man will be sentenced next month, convicted in an assault case that will leave a man with cerebral palsy in a care facility for the rest of his life.

A jury found Jesse Jimenez guilty of second degree assault and first degree robbery.

Prosecutors say Jimenez and his friend Trevin King beat up 49-year-old Ronald Whitehead last summer to steal his bike.

Whitehead’s family says he wears a diaper, can no longer swallow, and will never recover from his brain injuries.

“I’d rather have anything happen to me than to see him like this. They took his life,” said Jim Whitehead, the victim’s father.

King took a plea deal in February. He’ll spend ten years in prison.

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  1. Paul says:

    doesn’t seem to be much justice in the justice system. men like him ARE the ones we want behind bars. they did this to steal a bike? add one more crime to this case. sadly the justice system is run by the DA not the judges. No judge saw this case, the DA decides the fate of almost all people that go into the justice system.,

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