Family says Restaurant Receipt ‘Obscene’

track town receiptEUGENE, Ore. — A family is upset at a local business about a phrase that ended up on their receipt and had their daughter asking questions.

Shannon Wood showed KEZI 9 News the receipt he says he got Tuesday night at Track Town Pizza on Franklin Boulevard.

On the bottom of the receipt was a printed phrase that said, “Would you let me” and then ended in a word, that when sounded out loud, insinuated a sexual act.

We talked with the supervisor at Track Town. He knew about the receipt and said an employee hacked into the computer system and they’re trying to figure out who did it.

The supervisor didn’t want to go on camera, but the man who brought this to our attention did.

“It is completely obscene. It doesn’t make any sense unless it’s obscene,” said Wood. “And that’s the whole thing. If you read it and you’re advertising a pizza, it doesn’t make any sense. The only thing that makes sense is that it is an obscene gesture that they’re putting on here. When an 11 year old is trying to read it, that just makes it even worse.”

Wood says his biggest complaint is that he feels that the management didn’t care about his complaint. We tried to call Track Town Pizza’s corporate headquarters, but it was after hours.

The supervisor said the word that was on the receipt was the name of a pizza, however we couldn’t find that name on Track Town’s online menu.


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  1. whocares says:

    Who really cares!!! It’s only a big deal if you choose to make a big deal out of it like this guy. Im sure TV shows more sexual content than ever before and also has many innuendoes throughout commercials and shows alike. Shannon Wood should quit being a little baby and trying to get attention, the world is full of things you will not like, deal with it! Its a free country

    1. Lonna says:

      when you grow up and have children, maybe………………………….

      1. J says:

        I agree with whocares and I have children. He said is right unless Shannon woods family lives in a bubble and just came out to get pizza, then the kids and the family are exposed to far worse things in the world. Get over yourself and deal with it with track town. DON’T run to news!!

  2. We care says:

    We’ll it appears you care since you took the time to post about it! I get the original posters concern. When (if) you have children you will understand. He can filter what they watch, but he can’t filter what is on a receipt and he shouldn’t have to. There are venues to deliver those types of messages & the bottom of a receipt is not one of them.
    Thanks for your message though because I’m sure lots of people care about it…LoL

  3. Ineedtoknow says:

    Can anyone help me understand what the word was. Please.

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