Family Sells Their Spots in Line

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — There’s help for people who want to get rock bottom prices on Black Friday but don’t want to stand in line.

Some people are actually paying others to stand in line for them.

For one local family their trip to the mall will be a bit unusual, since they won’t be standing in line for themselves.

“We’ve been doing it for the last five years,” said Blue River resident Dwayne Edwards.

But for the Edwards family, they won’t be standing in line for themselves, but for complete strangers.

“I would wait in line for anyone,” said Blue River resident Adrian Edwards.

“Usually it’s TVs and PS3s when they first came out, so you know way back…Mainly it’s electronics. Most stores only have 15 to 20 of them,” Dwayne said.

Their service comes with a hefty price tag.

“I’ll wait for 14 hours for $200, and I did the calculations and that’s like $14, $15 an hour, and I was like, that’s a reasonable price for just waiting in line for someone,” Adrian said.

And while it’s not the family’s first year selling their spots in line, this year they’re trying a new way of getting the word out.

“I posted the ad on Craigslist and my dad was like, that’s a genius idea,” Adrian said.

So instead of celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, the family’s celebrating a day early in anticipation that they’ll be busy at work during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I think the fact that the young kids want to get the opportunity to make some money, I’m all for it, especially when it’s just a good honest way to make money, you know. I encourage my kids. That’s the right thing to do. If you can help someone out at the same time, why not,” Dwayne said.

So far, they haven’t secured a deal for what they’ll be shopping for this year, but they say they’ve received a few calls from some interested customers.

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