Family Supports Soldier Memorial Signs

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The families of two fallen soldiers from western Oregon are trying to get parts of Highway 34 named after their loved ones.

Lance Cpl. Tyler Troyer of Tangent and Spc. Eric McKinley of Philomath both lost their lives in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.

Troyer’s family members say it would be an extreme honor to get the memorial signs up because he gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

McKinley worked in Corvallis and attended Philomath High School. Both lived close to Highway 34, which is why the families picked that area.

Troyer’s father says their families were on the House floor for voting Thursday.

To see a sign go up would be a great source of pride and just the top of the iceberg.

“My hope someday is that there is a real sign along a stretch of highway all across the state of Oregon so that people driving by will remember the great sacrifices of these men and woman made for our country,” said Michael Thorpe, Troyer’s father.

The family calls this the Heroes Highway Project. It passed unanimously in the House and will now go to the Senate.

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