Family Welcomes Baby On New Year’s Day

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Lane County family of five is now a family of six tonight. They welcomed the new year and the newest member of their family on the same day.

Emma Baer is the second baby born in Lane County today. According to RiverBend hospital staff, the first baby was born at McKenzie-Willamette just ten minutes before Emma.

At 7:26 AM, Levi and Miriam Baer welcomed their little girl to the world.

Emma’s parents say they’re excited to finally see her because early ultrasounds showed a cyst on her lung, which Levi and Miriam say was pretty frightening.

They’re happy that she was born healthy and it’s even more exciting that it was on new years day.

“I realized this was my due date and I thought, ‘Well, that would be fun to have the first baby on the first day of the year’, and actually my other children in the years ’08, ’10, and ’12. I thought I need to make it to ’14 to keep up,” said Miriam Baer.

Levi and Miriam say their three older daughters are excited to hold their new sister.

Emm’as dad says the cyst is still on her lung but X-rays show there shouldn’t be any complications.

Miriam Baer says Emma is the first of her four daughters born at the hospital and she’s grateful for the staff that helped them.

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  1. tammy smith says:

    the first baby of the new year is desmon allen neiwert, born at 7:14 am 1/1/14 at mckenzie willamette, he is my grandson,thanks for taking time too find out his name

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