Fan Breaks Ankle While Rushing Field

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s exciting to rush the field at Autzen after the Ducks win at home, but some fans are getting too excited and end up hurt.

There are often quite a few fans who jump the barriers too soon after the game, but one recent incident caused serious injuries.

Last Saturday, a fan launched himself off the side of a wall to rush the field and broke his ankle when it met the pavement. The fan leapt at least 10 feet.

“We want to continue to allow that tradition, but if there’s gonna be safety concerns, it’s gonna be something that we’re gonna have to continue to examine and see if it’s something we continue to do,” Craig Pintens, Senior Associate Athletic Director.

University staff say this kind of thing can easily be prevented. The last thing they want to do is take away the thrill of trekking to the field.

They say the safest way to get onto the field is to wait for the foghorn to blow five minutes after the game. Instead of jumping over a barrier, just walk down through a gate.

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