Fans Excited for NCAA Track & Field

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EUGENE, Ore. — Track and field fans are excited for the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, which start Wednesday.

People from all over the world are traveling to Eugene to attend the four-day event at Hayward Field.

Fans we spoke with are excited for many different reasons, but one thing they all had in common was the desire to just be at the Historic Hayward Field.

“I’m expecting probably a lot of people from all over the country to come. They’re also very knowledgeable on the competitors, the times on the performances, so this is a great place to see track and field,” said California resident Scott Hull.

Hull is from the San Francisco area, and he says he’s been to Hayward Field multiple times for track events.

Hayward Field is hosting the championships for the next eight years.

Fans say if any place should host this event, it should be Hayward Field.

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