Fans Prepare for Big Fiesta Bowl

EUGENE, Ore. — The big game is just over 24 hours away, and as the Ducks prepare themselves down in Arizona, folks here are doing the same.

The Wild Duck Cafe on Villard Street, just across from Matthew Knight Arena, is working to make sure anyone that comes through its doors to watch the game on their big screens will have a great time.

Owners say it will be a pretty festive atmosphere.

“We’ll have people dancing on the tables, doing back flips on the bar, people swinging–no, not quite like that–but there will be a lot of cheer, a lot of excitement, a lot of energy, a lot of energy, a lot of other stuff, so yeah it’ll be fun,” said Bob Jensen, Wild Duck Cafe Owner.

The cafe is also celebrating its one-year anniversary Thursday. The first 400 people will get a free specially made “O” cookie.

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