Fans React to Ducks Baseball Post-Season

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EUGENE, Ore. — Duck fans are thrilled about the baseball team’s post-season placement and excited to be able to see them host a regional right here in Eugene.

Fans say they would have never expected this four years ago, and they’re so impressed the team could develop the way it has in such a short amount of time.

Many fans credit this milestone to Coach Horton, his experience and his recruiting.

They know he’s worked hard to get the program to this prestigious point, but also recognize the talented young men on this team and how much they all deserve this exciting opportunity.

“We’ve got softball at the World Series. Now we’re going to get baseball, hopefully at the World Series. Outstanding! How could you ask for anything more? Any Duck fan’s got to love this,” said one fan.

“It’s tremendous, not only for these young players but for the fans of Eugene to go out and all of a sudden you have a national team. And it’s only been like three years. That is what’s really amazing to me,” said another fan.

The last time the Ducks hosted a post-season event was 1954, but they’ll break that 58-year drought when they host their first ever regional starting this Friday.

And if you want to come witness history at PK Park this weekend, full-session tickets that will get you into all four days are on-sale. Those range from $84 to $119 per person.

Single-game tickets won’t go on sale until Wednesday.

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