Fans React to Ducks’ Season Ending

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EUGENE, Ore. — The season is not looking so sweet for the Oregon Ducks after losing to the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday in the NCAA basketball tournament.

The Ducks were sent packing after the second round of their tournament run but fans in Eugene say they’re not disappointed in their team.

Fans say it was heart-wrenching to see the Ducks lose after holding a 12 point lead at the half but that doesn’t change their mind on the overall season. Fans think the Ducks played well, despite their rough patch after the 13-0 start to the season and seeing the team play on the big stage is all they hoped for.

“Not disappointed. I look back and I say it’d be great to watch them next week and build that hype for the Sweet 16 but you look back on the season and think yeah, pretty good season,” said Brian Elliott, a Duck fan.

The Ducks went into the tournament as the seventh seed and Wisconsin was second.

Fans say they predicted Oregon would sit in the Sweet 16 so this loss busted their brackets a little but they’re not broken up about it. Now, they’re looking forward to cheering on other Duck sports.

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