Fans React to UO and OSU in AP Top Ten

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EUGENE, Ore. — Sean Mannion’s injury might disrupt Oregon State University’s winning streak, but for now the Beavers and the Ducks are the only undefeated Pac-12 teams.

Not only is Oregon dominating the Pac-12, but they’re also atop the Week 7 AP Poll. With the Beavers at No. 10 and the Ducks at No. 2, they’re the only West Coast schools in the top 10.

It’s been 11 years since both Oregon and Oregon State mingled in the AP Top Ten. It goes back to the first week of 2001, when the Beavers were slotted at No. 10, and Oregon at No. 7.

Since then, the schools’ seasons have differed more and more with the passing years, but Duck and Beaver fans alike say it’s nice to see both back on top again.

With constant fluctuation in the polls, there could be another 10 years until Oregonians see this coincidence again, or, they may only have to wait six more days.

Mannion’s injury could likely affect if the Beavers stay in the Top 10 or in the AP Poll at all, but fans say for right now this feels good and they’re going to ride out the recognition as long as they can.

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    Hello Lauren-

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    Is there a link to the video ?

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