Fans Return After Accident at Truck Show

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Harrisburg, ORE — The Monster Air 2012 truck show continued, even after a truck malfunctioned and injured three spectators yesterday. All involved say it was a very scary accident.

“His hydraulic steering broke and the truck veered right, hard right, and he had no control at that point,” said property owner and show director Daniel Mills.

Mills says luckily the incident didn’t turn out nearly as bad as some people feared.

“At ground level that would have been a much worse situation. The berm being raised like that is a barrier, the mud bog strip at the base of that was supposed to act as a barrier also but he just clipped the edge of that,” said Mills.

Mills says the berm, this raised dirt barrier that separate spectators and the action, is about twice as tall as most berms, but even though organizers thought they had taken the necessary steps to protect spectators, Mills and his staff are learning from Saturday’s incident.

“We did everything we could, that we thought was possible, to keep everybody safe here and we’re not going to stop. So, we’re going to keep adding to it, and we learned something. Sometimes you only learn when you see it happen,” said Mills.

Even fans who saw it happen still decided to come out to the event the next day, they just might rethink where they watch from.

“I was excited either way. I just decided that I’d probably sit a little bit further away and still enjoy it,” said one fan.

“We see people up close and you’re always thinking what if, so we don’t sit close for that reason, but not ours with the little ones we can’t move quite as fast,” said another fan.

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  1. jason marks says:

    Alot of people don’t want the noise, extra traffic, the speed racing and disregard for public safety. Its improper land use, the lot is too small and peoples lives are in danger from this dog and pony show.

    bring on the liability attorneys. They’ll shut this mess down once and for all!

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