Fashion Designers Create New Looks from Old Clothing

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Fashion Week kicks off Wednesday night, and this year some of the designers are a little greener than normal.

That’s because they’re reusing old clothing to create a whole new look.

While many of us toss outdated clothing, fashion designer Anne Groundwater completely recreates them.

Through fabric dying and creative embellishments, Groundwater’s line Give ‘em the Slip transforms vintage white slips into modern day wear.

The designer believes there is true sentimental value in these older pieces, just one of the many benefits for any potential buyer.

“All this stuff that we’re making into clothes would probably just end up in a landfill. Instead, you can take something and wear it with pride because it’s a repurposed material,” Groundwater said.

Groundwater will debut her line on Friday for the ready to wear and evening wear show at the Broadway Commerce Center.

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