Fatal Crash Closes One Lane of 126W

UPDATE (11:30 a.m.): Highway 126W will remain restricted to one lane approximately two miles west of Noti, ODOT said. A utility company is replacing a pole and wires damaged in the crash.  ODOT says the highway should reopen to full traffic in early afternoon.

NOTI, Ore. – One lane of Highway 126W is closed two miles west of Noti after a vehicle went off the road, killing the female driver.

A red two door sedan appears to have gone off the road, hit a power pole and slid down an embankment. Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation and fire and medical crews responded to the crash at about 7:30 Thursday morning.

Crews found one person in the car who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Power lines fell when the vehicle hit the power pole. EPUD is also on the scene working to restore power to area residents.

Traffic is being flagged through the area and ODOT says motorists should expect long delays. Law enforcement is investigating the crash and intermittent closures are a possibility.

We have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    These younger people single car accidents are likely caused by cell phones.

    1. charper says:

      I like how you use ‘younger people’ single car.. I doubt that, who knows, maybe they could have been tired? Spacing out? Looking over, sure it’s a possibility, but you don’t need to single out the younger people because some of the are quite responsible. My mom was in a single car accident the other day, what happened? Yeah, a front tire blew on the driver side.
      They could have been speeding? Who knows, there are many possibilities.

    2. Oregonian says:

      The woman was 47, so it depends on your perspective if she’s younger.

      A woman called in and talked to Bill Barrett on the radio and told him she was behind this car that crashed. (Her windshield got busted from the weight that was hanging on the power line.) Because of noise I only heard part of the conversation… but from what I understood the woman who wrecked was speeding before the accident.

  2. jdratch says:

    It wasn’t a younger person, it was my best friends mom and she was 50ish and headed to eugene for a pre breast cancer appt to have reconstructive surgery

  3. replanted says:

    If you do your research you will find this particular Hwy has a much higher average of accidents.Single car & multiple Car both.The Hwy is narrow & in need of repair.There is a major accident on that stretch of road at least every month sometimes 2-3 within a couple of weeks.The Hwy dept really needs to look into it & see what the problem is.

  4. Someone says:

    I agree. I have seen too many bad accidents in the last 2 months alone just between Eugene and Noti. I agree that the highway is dangerous and there should be something done try and prevent so many accidents, but I also wish people would drive more carefully.

  5. slow down says:

    If roads are in bad shape you would think you would instinctively slow down, but the people that drive on that road don’t seem to even do the speed limit much less slow down for the roads or weather condition,,,scarey. My heart goes out to the loved ones of the victim.

  6. betty says:

    I happen to know this person who was killed and how dare you be so cruel. Whatever the reason this has happened could happen to you or to anyone. That road is dangerous then add poor conditions into the mix…the family is devastated so maybe you could spend time praying for them instead of judging them!!!

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