Fatal Crash Shuts Down Highway 58

UPDATE (July 9): We now know the name of a driver killed in a crash on Highway 58 Tuesday.

Oregon State Police says this happened just after 5 p.m.

They say an eastbound pickup truck crossed the center line and smashed into a westbound semi, which burst into flames.

The driver of the pickup, 55-year-old Timothy Fine of Oakridge, was pronounced dead at the scene.

NEAR LOWELL, Ore. — Oregon State police are piecing together what caused the crash that left one man dead.

The pickup truck and semi involved in the crash are barely recognizable.

Neighbors we spoke with say the sound of the crash was so loud that people on the other side of Dexter Lake could hear it.

But for one woman, it hit closer to home as she witnessed the fire right outside her back porch.

Nancy Carter lives with her husband in Lowell off of Highway 58 just feet from the crash.

“I heard this horrible explosion. And so I jumped up, grabbed my phone, and I came up here on the deck and I seen this truck, this semi that was — it had been in a wreck. I heard this horrible scream and then the truck exploded,” said Carter.

Oregon State Police say this all happened just after 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

They say an eastbound pickup truck crossed the center line and smashed into a westbound semi-truck.

Moments later the semi burst into flames.

“The fire from the semi, the heat was so intense it spread to the nearby brush,” said Lt. Rob Edwards, Oregon State Police.

The driver of the pickup died.

Two others in the semi were taken to the hospital.

Lt. Edwards says he sees this scene all too often on Highway 58.

“Heavy commuter traffic, heavy commercial truck traffic, it’s windy. It’s a recipe for a lot of crashes,” said Edwards.

And now neighbors will have to watch as troopers clear yet another devastating crash.

A wreck that hit too close to home.

“I’m very shook up and I really, I’m really too nervous to even talk I’m just so shook up about this,” said Carter.

The name of the person who died will be released pending next of kin notification.

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