Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Hwy 126

HIGHWAY 126, Ore. — Oregon State Police are trying to figure out why a Redmond man veered his motorcycle into oncoming traffic, causing a deadly crash. Troopers say Gary Gerig was part of a group of bikers headed east on 126 when he went into the westbound lane.

A car hit Gerig, killing him. The crash also injured the car’s driver and passenger. Witnesses say they saw sparks coming from Gerig’s motorcycle before he went in the other lane. Oregon State Police are investigating.


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  1. Gary says:

    I was driving on Briggs Hill Road two weeks ago and was passed on blind turns with double yellow lines by a group of motorcyclists at high speed with no warning. Sorry this man was killed but why do groups of motorcyclists chose to endanger others for sport?

  2. anthony brimberry says:

    Yes these group of riders thay don’t have a respect the rules of the road thay should be sited for going to fast thay must obay the markings on the roads exspetuly two yellow lines thay can’t cross over it when a blind curds

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