Father, Son Found Safe near Mt. Bachelor

BEND, Ore. — A father and son were found safe near Mt. Bachelor after they were reported missing Monday.

Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies say 40-year-old Eric Abney and his 13-year-old son left Sunday morning to go snowmobiling toward Mt. Bachelor. When they didn’t return, their family members called 911.

Deputies found Abney’s vehicle and snowmobile trailer at Edison Snow Park Monday morning. Then more than 40 staff and volunteers, as well as additional resources, were called to help.

That afternoon, a snowmobile rider told dispatch he was with the 13-year-old about five miles south of Elk Lake. He said Abney and his son had dug a snow cave for shelter. The two also had adequate clothes for the weather, food and water, and possible survival-type gear.

Deputies say Abney had left less than an hour before to look for help. He was found at about 2:20 p.m. Both he and his son were in good condition.

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