FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Rules

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EUGENE, Ore. — A potential government crack-down could happen soon on the increasingly popular products known as e-cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration announced proposed regulations Thursday, and it has the medical industry and local e-cigarette businesses buzzing.

Emerald Vapors is a shop Eugene that sells 40 different flavors of e-cigarette products. Currently the FDA has no authority over these products. But with their growing popularity, the government agency is hoping to change that.

The FDA has proposed limiting the sale of electric cigarettes to adults over the age of 18 and requiring the products be labeled with health warnings.

Doctors we spoke with applauded the proposal, saying there just isn’t enough research yet into the potential risks and side effects.

At Emerald Vapors, they only sell to those over the age of 18, and all of their nicotine products have health labels.

The company’s vice president of sales says they’ve been expecting the FDA’s proposal and are actually pretty pleased with it. They would just prefer the products not be grouped with tobacco products.

“There are very few similarities between tobacco and vapor products. So it’s unfortunate that they’re named e-cigarettes because they really have very little to do with cigarettes,” said Justin Newman, Emerald Vapors.

The FDA’s recommendations will be finalized after a 75-day public comment period.

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