Project: Safe Family

Rise in teen suicide, social media coincide; is there link?

A new study shows there could be a link between social media use and teen suicide and depression.

Anti-bullying app helps to stop bullying in schools and workplaces

An anti-bullying app is giving more power victims and witnesses.

Family says bullying at school put their son in the hospital

Parents said bullying at the school landed their son in a hospital to be treated for depression and an eating disorder.

Burger King takes on bullying with ad

Burger King takes customers by surprise with compelling, provocative social experiment.

Study: teens who vape more likely to smoke cigarettes within year

E-cigarettes seem like they offer a safer alternative to regular cigarettes but a new study is showing the one may not actually keep teens from using the other.

New law holds parents accountable for school bullying

A New York town is cracking down on bullying by holding parents accountable for their children's actions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Grant allows tool-lending library to expand

The ToolBox Project will continue to grow with the help of a recent state grant.

How to fix your cherished items for free

The final Fix-It Fair of the year is offering community members the chance to repair items instead of purchasing new ones.

Learn to make your own garden during mulching workshop

Learn how you can make your very own garden at a mulching workshop this weekend in Eugene.

OSU's blue pigment has energy saving properties

Crayola's latest color of blue is making headlines again!

Go green while saving on your Halloween costume

Go green while saving on your Halloween costume.

Reducing waste, reusing pumpkins

A local artist is being featured around town for his pumpkin portrait carvings that are reusable.

In The Garden

In The Garden: Winterize your lawn

Now that the summer has come and gone it's time to think ahead to winter and protecting your lawn.

In The Garden: Transform winter squash into comfort food

Comfort food is perfect for a chilly fall night and it's even better when comfort food is made from winter squash picked fresh from the garden.

In The Garden: "Drink Up Your Garden"

If you work hard in the garden, now is the time to raise your glass and "Drink Up Your Garden."

In The Garden: Pruning blueberry bushes

KEZI wraps up its final In The Garden segment. This week, Caleb Johnson, owner of Johnson Brothers Garden Market, shares tips on how and when to trim your blueberry bushes.

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Goose and Duck

Two Chihuahuas that were recently rescued are ready to go home with a new family.

Pet of the Week: Duck and Goose

Two small dogs seeking a patient, loving home are ready for adoption at Greenhill Humane Society.

Pet of the Week: Chloe

Chloe will make a great companion for a family willing to see that she gets plenty of attention and exercise.

Pet of the Week: Bugeye

Bugeye will do best with a patient family willing to give him time to adjust to his new surroundings.

Pet of the Week: Jemma

Jemma is a playful Labrador retriever mix who is looking for an active family.

Pet of the Week: Whinnie and Malakai

Two sibling puppies appeared on KEZI 9 News Tuesday during our Pet of the Week feature.

Consumer Reports

How to Safely Secure Your Christmas Tree

A recent study by AAA says an estimated 20 million Americans who purchased real Christmas trees did not properly secure the tree to their vehicle.

Consumer Reports: Beware of online holiday shopping scams

Consumer Reports offers advice for online shopping and how to spot scams.

Consumer Reports: Antibiotics in meat, restaurant ratings

More than half of the largest 25 restaurant chains now have antibiotics policies in place. Consumer Reports released which restaurants are taking steps to protect public health.

Consumer Reports: Benefits of water

If you are trying to drink less soda to reduce sugar and calories, what you drink instead makes a big difference. No surprise here, water is best.

Consumer Reports: Tips to getting college scholarships

Before applying for student loans to pay for college, Consumer Reports experts say go for free cash. Consumer Reports has tips to apply for scholarships.

Consumer Report: Safer pumpkin carving

Consumer Reports has some helpful hints to help prevent you from getting hurt when carving pumpkins.

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