Skilled To Work

Skilled to Work is a KEZI 9 News station initiative in Western Oregon with the goal of changing the perception of working in the skilled trades. There is a severe shortage of skilled workers throughout our community. As the current workforce retires, there are not enough workers to replace them. For more than 30 years, we have been teaching our children that the only pathway to a career is by earning a 4 year college degree. We are facing a workforce crisis.

Through partnerships with multiple organizations and industries affiliated with the trades, we can begin to change the conversation. In order for change to happen, we need to educate parents, teens, young adults and our community that the skilled trades are a viable career option with plentiful high paying jobs, apprenticeship opportunities, and excellent benefit and retirement packages.

Join KEZI 9 News every Monday at 6pm as we bring you impactful stories and resources about the resurgence of vocational training and workforce options in our community. Check back in with us here where stories will be posted and valuable resources will be shared.


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