Federal Audit Spares White City VA

white-city-vaWHITE CITY, Ore – The office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has released their nationwide audit into struggling VA centers across the country. And while two Oregon VA facilities were targeted for further review, the Southern Oregon White City VA was not among them.

Spokespeople at the White City domiciliary say the fact that they weren’t flagged validates their commitment to service and transparency.

But not all veterans there say they’re satisfied.

One VA resident says he was recommended for a spinal surgery at the Reno Nevada VA where he used to live, but after transferring here the operation was ignored.

“It’s a year and a half later, I deal with chronic, severe pain because of the issue, and I have not been scheduled yet for surgery,” said resident Robert Ballard.

Two facilities in Oregon were flagged for future review — Roseburg and Portland. The White City VA is exempt from further federal investigation, at least for the time being.

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