Federal Government in Control of Occupy Eugene’s Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Occupy protestors have made a home on federal grounds for nearly two months, living at the old courthouse in Eugene. The courthouse is located within city limits. but is a federal building, and that means the city itself has nothing to do with it.

The federal government takes care of the buildings’ permits, and to find information about the building and its grounds, people must go through U.S. General Services.

Eugene residents responded to this issue being held at the federal level.

“It’s troubling that that’s not available,” said Ian Howard.

“I think it seems a little strange, but it kind of makes sense because it’s a federal building,” said Justin Dujardin.

“Well actually it’s quite frustrating, because I’ve had that concern. I’ve actually wanted to go over there and talk to the people who gave them their permits,” said Tim Cracolice.

Others said they didn’t really care much about the issue and said the occupy protestors’ presence has become background noise.

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