Felon Arrested, Assault Rifle Seized

EUGENE, Ore. — Police arrested a felon for possessing an assault rifle and making threats toward a local adult care facility.

The facility called police after 45-year-old Scott Alan Gorman threatened them about “his displeasure with the services being provided to a family member,” police said Wednesday. Police have not released the name and location of the facility.

Gorman’s probation officer later arrested him. After speaking with the other people who lived at Gorman’s home, the officer contacted detectives, believing Gorman had firearms. Detective got consent from Gorman to take his firearms away. Police seized an AR-15 assault rifle loaded with a 30-round magazine, set to “fire” with four additional, loaded 30-round magazines with it, and two other firearms, police said.

Police are still trying to find out whom Gorman bought the assault rifle from. If you have any information, call Detective Chris White at 541-682-5376.

Gorman is now lodged in the Lane County Jail for parole violation and three counts of Felon in Possession of a Firearm.


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  1. Bryan says:

    Unless the rifle has Fully Automatic Firing capabilities it is not an assault rifle as classified by the United States Military.
    To be an assault weapon it must have selective fire capabilities that allow the rifle to be fired in fully automatic or burst style firing. If this rifle does not have this ability then it is a semi automatic sport rifle.

  2. RW says:

    It is illegal to have ANY firearm if you are a felon. Not just a so-called assault rifle. Just because thats what it was does not mean it has to be ‘sensationalized’ to make gun owners look bad, especially during these days.

    1. Bryan says:

      I am aware of the Felon in possession of a firearm law. My gripe is that the term Assault rifle is being misused to influence society a certain way. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs on firearms and I am not here to start a war of words by any means. Just stating that the media is inappropriately using a term. Sorry if I offended.

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