Fence Goes Up at Whoville

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EUGENE, Ore. —┬áThe city of Eugene has taken a new, yet familiar approach to getting rid of illegal homeless campers in downtown Eugene.┬áBut campers at the site they call “Whoville” say they aren’t going anywhere.

Campers say they are standing their ground until the city gives them space to legally stay.

Eugene has opened a temporary “rest stop” that holds 15 guests but Whoville advocates say it’s not enough. Mayor Kitty Piercy announced Friday night that she would not declare a state of emergency and legalize the Whoville site. She stated that there’s a process in place to legalize homeless camps and Whoville is not of the locations the city councilors voted on as a city “rest stop.”

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  1. Beverly Seay says:

    Take a good look at what`s behind that fence. All we ever see is TRASH, not once have I ever seen where those people have cleaned up after themselfs. As far as they are concerned it`s the cities place to clean up after them, well the city didn`t make the mess they did. & maybe just maybe if the kept the places they sleep in clean & showed the city they can take care of a place then maybe they would get a place to stay, but no matter where they have been they leave trucks full of trash & they could not care less. When the day comes they start to care about where they are then maybe the city of eugene will listen a little more, until then keep the fence up, it keeps there trash where it belongs “with the people who made it”

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