Festival of Eugene Short on Funding

FEST OF EUG FOR MONEUGENE, Ore. — For Krysta Albert creating the Festival of Eugene is a way to bring some fun and joy to the community, after the Eugene Celebration was canceled earlier this summer.

But, the grassroots effort to create a festival from scratch, in just a handful of weeks, is proving to be a challenge. “Basically over the weekend we made $4500 roughly, so it puts us at about $3500 short,” said Albert.

With a Monday deadline to raise the funds, the group’s now scaled back the plans for the festival, but are still falling short on their fundraising goal of just more than $13,000. “On the bigger scale of things, I think it’s manageable and definitely doable,” said Albert.

Even though they’re thousands of dollars short, Albert gave the green light to the Eugene Police Department and city of Eugene and said she thinks they can raise the money by the time the fest rolls around at the end of the month.

“We are looking at eliminating a portion of the footprint that would cost us the most money,” said Albert.

Now the festival is looking at decreasing the size of the festival and organizers said they plan on not using some private land that brings with it a hefty price tag on an insurance policy.

“It would be the property from Pearl to Oak. From here to the county property,” said Albert.

Moving forward, the festival said all it needs now is a little bit more community support and volunteers to help staff the event on August 22nd and 23rd.

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