FFLC Donations Down at Spring Game

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EUGENE, Ore. – The stands at the Ducks spring game on Saturday weren’t as packed as usual. Fewer people in the stands, translated to fewer donations for Food for Lane County.

FFLC relies on the spring game as a major fundraiser and this year it was left with about 11,000 pounds short in donations. It’s not down about the numbers, just hopeful more people will look to donate at another big fundraiser this weekend.

“They were down about 11,000 pounds from last year, but that could be all kinds of different factors,” said Dawn Marie Woodward, Food for Lane County Spokeswoman.

One of those factors, likely game attendance. About 37,000 Ducks fans filled the stands Saturday.

“Not everybody brings three cans of food, some people bring us money instead and we did get almost $1,700 in cash,” Woodward said.

But this isn’t brining the nonprofit down. It says there are about 80,000 people who access their services at any given point in the year. And the spring game donations will provide about 40,000 meals.

“We are at a point where we are still serving a large number of people. You would think with the economy getting better you would see our numbers going down, unfortunately they have kind of plateaued,” Woodward said.

FFLC says residents can still help out by donating this Saturday through the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive.

“All you have to do to contribute to the letter carriers drive is to put canned food into the yellow plastic bag that your letter carrier is going to be leaving for you. Leave it out by your mailbox on Friday or Saturday morning,” said Brad Bassi, FFLC Food Resource Developer.

Bassi helps organize the drive and says they’re hoping for more than 90,000 pounds, enough to fill this massive tower of cardboard.

“These are literally our neighbors in need that are benefiting from the food that the community donates and that we collect and for them having enough food can be the difference between making a rent payment or missing a rent payment,” Bassi said.

Even if these donations weren’t as high, FFLC says it’s all still making a huge difference.

FFLC says its empty bowl sale on Friday night actually raised a record $18,000 dollars. So while one event was down, another exceeded expectations.

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