Fifth Avenue Road Repairs Continue

EUGENE, Ore. — Parts of 5th Avenue will be closed this week as repair work continues.

Construction crews will remove the entire roadway and build it from the ground up. The construction will repair the extremely deteriorated parts of the road and sidewalk.

“It will be nice new smooth road surfaces, we’re not changing the alignment of the street it will be put back pretty much like it is, we’re just replacing bad curb and gutter and some bad sidewalk,” said project manager John Bonham.

The road repairs are part of a $3.5 million project, funded primarily by a 2008 voter-approved bond measure.

Eugene public works says the project will be done in several phases, so businesses and homes are not disrupted.

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  1. Postone says:

    You ever drive that stretch of 5th avenue from Blair avenue to the post-office? They have been cutting strips entirely across the street in numerous places. They didn’t fill in the the strips very well, because there are pretty good indentations! It’s not rocket science filling in holes, you use a taper until its hard so it doesn’t recede or sink! I did this kind of work in San Francisco for the Water Department and we NEVER left holes with indentations ( to where it could damage the front end of your vehicle) when we back filled a hole.

    Its looks like some fifth graders were messing around out there….

    These people actually get paid for this work????????????

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