Filling Creswell Council Vacancies

CRESWELL, Ore. — After a dramatic council meeting in March, the City of Creswell is working to rebuild its government.

The city manager and two city council members suddenly quit their jobs, leaving the city’s leadership up in the air.

Five Creswell residents are now in the running for the two vacant city council seats. The mayor says he’s excited so many people in the community stepped up to apply.

A brand new city council chamber sits vacant in Creswell’s new city hall. And while some city administrators have name tags labeling their seats, others remain empty as the city works to fill the vacant positions.

“We’ve been receiving applications for the last two weeks,” said David Stram, Creswell Mayor.

And now that the application deadline has passed, the interview process now begins.

“They will each get three minutes to give a little speech as to why they’re good candidates for council member,” Stram said.

By Thursday night, the city council will again be whole.

“I believe the process is a good one. It’s transparent. It’s open. It’s fair. It’s honest. There’s going to be good debate among the city councilors,” said A.J. O’Connell, Creswell City Councilor.

And while it’s taking just a month to fill these vacancies.

“I wouldn’t say it’s that fast because we’ve put the applications out. So people in Creswell have had a good two weeks to think about whether they’d like to apply, get an application, turn it in,” Stram said.

One city councilor says it gives the city a chance to turn over a new leaf.

“We’re going to find the right people that are going to represent the citizens of Creswell in the best possible fashion,” O’Connell said.

And while the names of the applicants haven’t been released, the mayor says he hopes and believes these councilors will increase the amount of diversity on the city council.

“Currently our council is not as diverse as I believe it needs to be and the five applicants do bring in possibilities of enhancing our diversity,” Stram said.

The interim city manager is currently coming up with a list of qualifications for the city manager position. Those qualifications will be presented to the city council later this week.

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