Final Police Chief Candidates Chosen

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield narrowed its list for the next police chief.

The city released the short list of four candidates Wednesday. One of those was Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner. He has worked at the district attorney’s office since 2001 and served as district attorney since 2009. He holds several degrees and studied at the University of Oregon. He told KEZI 9 News his experience as a district attorney translates well into the police department, and this is a job he couldn’t pass up.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity that’s not likely to come up again in my professional lifetime. I felt obliged to take a shot. If I’m not successful in my application, then I’ll carry on in my current job for as long as the people will have me,” Gardner said.

Another candidate is Timothy Doney, a deputy police chief in Medford. He’s currently responsible for a staff of 121 people and deals with a $15 million budget.

Captain Carl Nielson, a third candidate, reports to the police chief in Turlock, California. He has worked in law enforcement since 1985 and is directly responsible for a staff of 90 and budget of $9.5 million.

The final candidate is Ted Stensland. He is the commander of criminal investigations for the King County Sheriff’s Office in King County, Washington. He’s worked his way up inside the sheriff’s office and currently oversees a staff of 116 and a budget of $17 million.

This is all setting the stage for next week. The city will formally interview all four candidates next Thursday and Friday. The public will be allowed to meet the candidates as well.

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