Final Day for Lane County Animal Services

EUGENE, Ore. — The boxes are packed and the final goodbyes are under way.

Due to recent budget cuts in Lane County, Greenhill Humane Society will take over Lane County Animal Shelter starting Sunday.

“There have been a lot of tears today. People are really sad,” said Volunteer Outreach Coordinator Elizabeth Thompson.

Courtney Pandol has been volunteering at LCAS for about five months and says she will miss her relationships with the animals that are taken away.

“It is gonna be hard because seeing some of the dogs that might not be here anymore, I won’t be able to see or interact with them. It is gonna hurt a lot,” said Pandol.

Other volunteers say the transition has been hard to watch.

“It is hard to see these administrative shifts and the folks that are affected by it. The impact has been really hard to watch,” said volunteer Janna Huhn.

Program Manager Rick Hammel has been with LCAS for 18 months. He says the transition has gone off without a hitch.

“You know it is just not a happy day for us, but my staff and volunteers have been great in helping with the transition and to allow it to be as successful as it can be,” said Hammel.

The remaining staff will continue to try to change the world in one form or another four paws at a time, even though their time at LCAS will end at the stroke of midnight.

The Eugene Spay and Neuter Clinic will remain open at the same location once Greenhill Humane Society takes over.

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