Finding Faith Among The Tragedy

EUGENE, Ore —  Christmas Eve is a time to get together with family and friends, but given all the tragedy in our country recently it can sometimes be hard to find the meaning of Christmas.

KEZI 9 News spoke with local pastor, Thomas Dodd, who says his recent sermons have focused on finding faith even in the darkest times.

Pastor Dodd with United Lutheran Church, in Eugene, says he loved the words of a Rabbi at one of the recent Newtown funerals who said the light of heaven can be found in the good deeds we do for one another.

Pastor Dodd says the best way to keep the Christmas is by giving, that could by helping those at the Salvation Army, Eugene mission or other organizations.

“Our world is such a mixture of beauty and brutality of light and dark of blessing and curse they can be so close so frequently that we celebrate not in denial but we celebrate the gift of hope that comes from within the hard things,” said Pastor Dodd.

Pastor Dodd says we can’t make believe that tragedy isn’t around us, but we need to have strength through that tragedy and seek support in our communitites.

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