Finding Social Media Harmony at Home

(CNN) Are you friends with your kids? I mean really friends–Facebook friends. It’s a delicate dance that many families face: the struggle over sharing social media.

Parents naturally are grappling with how to monitor their kids’ online activity and keep them safe while not being too intrusive. So both teens and parents are seeking ways to co-exist on this social space together peacefully.

But this is where it gets interesting. A recent Pew study shows that only 5 percent of teens reported setting up filters for their parents, and a majority–a whopping 70 percent–are friends with their parents on Facebook.

Rather, researchers have found that teens are seeking out their own corners of social media where they can communicate away from their parents, in essence compartmentalizing the different parts of their online lives.

And 58 percent of teens said they posted updates that were inside jokes or coded messages that only certain friends would understand.

This study found many kids aren’t using Facebook as much as before, citing the “colonization of the site by adults.”

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