Finding Solution For Timber Counties

EUGENE, Ore. — The future of Oregon’s public timber lands was the topic of a packed community forum.

There was hardly an empty seat at the Eugene Public Library as dozens of people heard testimony from a panel of experts about the state of Oregon’s O & C lands.

Oregon Wild hosted the forum that focused on pending legislation.

Organizers hoped people would walk away with a better understanding of the issues and would hopefully be inspired.

“Congressman DeFazio and Senator Wyden are making decisions about how our public lands could be managed,” said Chandra LeGue with Oregon Wild. “Since they are our public lands and they are our public officials, we want people to feel educated and empowered to go forth and make their voices heard.” added LeGue.

The group will hold similar forums in Roseburg and Cottage Grove.

For more information on and research on Oregon Wild, click here.

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  1. Dave says:

    The “solution” for timber counties is to pull their ostrich-like heads out of the sand and quit thinking that they are “entitled” to anything at all. Hello: the days of raping our forest lands to balance the budgets of these irresponsible entities is over.

    Thousands of counties across the country manage to fund their essential services without defiling the environment and 99% of them have no marketable timber at all. Enough of the “welfare” checks to these fiscally inept “old boy” county governments. A new day has dawned.

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