Fines for High Hospital Re-Admission

EUGENE, Ore. — As part of President Obama’s health care law, hospitals will pay stiff penalties for high re-admission rates. Those numbers include any patients who go back into the hospital within 30 days of getting out.

The government is analyzing reports. KEZI 9 News checked with Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, whose readmission rate is at 8 percent, which is considered low. PeaceHealth managers say they joined the government’s Partnership for Patients initiative to cut down on re-admission rates by 20 percent.

The hospital implemented follows a five-point program, which includes staff educating patients about their medical condition and discharge instructions well before they leave.

“Beginning at admission, we start working towards how are you educating to take care of yourself, how are you sure you have all the information you need,” said Pam Bristol, PeaceHealth Regional Director.

Hospitals are only measured on re-admission for three medical conditions: heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia.

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