Fire Burns Smucker Pelleting Warehouse

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HARRISBURG, Ore. — Western Oregon farmers are rallying around one another after a vital warehouse was destroyed in a fire Wednesday.

Flames ripped through Smucker Pelleting on Powerline and Diamond Hill roads in Harrisburg.

The fire was so big that eight fire departments from Corvallis to the north and Eugene and Springfield to the south responded.

The Lane Fire Authority received calls just before 7 a.m. morning. Fire crews were still on scene putting out hot spots Wednesday afternoon, and they say they expect to be here for days.

The fire marshal says one building is a total loss, and they’re working to protect the others.

The massive fire has also drawn a big response from local warehouses and businesses, saying they’re ready to help in any way they can.

“That’s a huge loss. They’re good people. They’re good friends and have been good friends for multiple generations. Our grandfathers grew up together here, so we’ll do what we can to help them. Our hearts go out to them. Anything at all, we’ll do to help,” said Kurt Kayner, Willamette Ag owner.

Kayner also says it’s the time they’re heading into harvesting season, so this is a blow to Smucker Pelleting. The homeowner told us that Harrisburg Fire also responded Tuesday to smoldering in that building. The cause is still under investigation, and no one was hurt.

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