Fire Burns Springfield Apartment Units

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield apartment complex caught on fire Thursday morning, and investigators are trying to figure out how.

The fire at Brentwood Estates affected families in four units. Everyone is okay, but you can see this one unit is badly damaged.

“I looked out my window and they were banging on their door, and I could see the flames that were in the backyard. Basically it had already engulfed the back part of the apartment and you could see it up through the roof,” said neighbor Koren Landfair.

The fire started in between the garages and the apartment building and the cause is still under investigation.

Neighbors say a couple along with their toddler were sleeping when the fire started in one of the buildings.

“Came out to look at the flowers and saw smoke and flames coming out of the roof of the next door neighbors,” said Anna Vandagriff.

“All of them ended up running out. It seemed just like barely in time,” Landfair said.

“This took every unit that Springfield had, plus two units, plus one from Eugene to control this fire,” said Mark Grover, Eugene Fire Department Battalion Chief.

In the scramble to get the flames out, a firefighter injured his ankle and went to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend to get X-rays.

“This was a cooperative effort between Eugene and Springfield fire departments,” Grover said.

With the fire out, one tenant went in to rescue his pet rabbit.

Others reached out to the family by offering blankets, and the Red Cross immediately showed up to help them get some aid. It’s help they’ll need since the apartment’s assistant manager says the family didn’t have renters insurance.

Jaime Jackson, Brentwood Estates Assistant Manager, says the displaced tenants will be moved to new apartments.

The Red Cross is helping the family, but we had some of our viewers asking if they too could help. The Red Cross says you can leave clothes and toys for the family at their office, just not money. Their office is located at 862 Bethel Drive in Eugene.


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  1. Bianca S says:

    I live right across the street from this apt. I was in my apartment this morning and the next thing I heard was voices yelling, “get out! get out!” A few short minutes later, I smelt the smoke and could hear the fire department getting closer. I walked outside and I saw what was going on.
    I have a question though. What was the cause of this fire breaking out like this? Has this been discovered? Thanks.


  2. M says:

    This was my friends apt. And no, they haven’t figured out the cause of the fire yet.

  3. Tamara says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the new water meters they put in. Hmmm….

  4. Shelly Taylor says:

    I am really glad everyone got out ok and that that there was a fast response. Hope they find the cause soon to put people at ease.

  5. gm says:

    They say it was a cigarette

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