Fire Burns Through West Eugene Home

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some people in west Eugene got a rude awakening Friday morning, as flames ripped through their home.

Not long after resident Christa Davis left to go to work did, she get a call from her husband to hurry back.

“I could barely hear him. He was yelling and stuff and I could hear the concern in his voice. He was all, ‘Our house is burning down.’ He was freaking out and I was freaking out and of course traffic couldn’t move fast enough,” Davis said.

In less than ten minutes, 12 units and 27 firefighters arrived on scene.

“Fire trucks were still there and smoke was coming out of the house,” said home owner Carl Dedin.

Despite putting out the flames in about 15 minutes, the home could not be saved. But crews continued working to make sure the fire wouldn’t return to take what little was left.

“We had flames coming out the main front window and crews were attacking it with a hoseline. It was an exterior operation at first. But we confirmed everyone was out and transitioned to an interior operation,” said Matt Ennis, Eugene/Springfield Fire Battalion Chief.

Bits and pieces of the home were thrown on the ground as firefighters had to tear through the home to make sure that every flame was out from this morning’s blaze.

Grateful no one was injured, Davis said she wouldn’t let this get her down.

“I’ve started over many, many times before. It’s just another bump in the road that, I don’t know, resilience comes into play,” Davis said.

Despite the loss of their home and the uncertainty of their future, Davis and her family remain hopeful.

The home was a rental property. The owners believe the fire and smoke damage will make it a complete loss, but they are still waiting to hear back on the exact amount of damages from their insurance company.

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