Fire Contained on Fox Hollow Road

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EUGENE, Ore. — The threat of evacuation is over after a large fire threatened homes in South Eugene Thursday afternoon.

Emergency crews from around Lane County responded to the 32,000 block of Fox Hollow Road around 1:12 p.m., after receiving calls of a fire and possible explosions.

“I looked up in the sky above the trees right there and I noticed tons of smoke,” said Darcy Pelton, who manages an apartment complex in the area. “We panicked and ran up to our basketball court there and it was just barreling with smoke and big huge flames and popping sounds.”

The fire hit even closer to home for Taylor Williams, which was about 100 feet from her grandmother’s house.

“Barrels of oil caught on fire over there and caught fire to the trees,” said Williams. “I just wondering if my grandmother was okay and if she got home safely.”

Residents think the barrels exploding made the booms they heard. Crews say there were several at the scene and even a 500-gallon gasoline tank.

There were more than 60-70 personnel from Eugene Springfield Fire and Oregon Department of Forestry on the scene.

Firefighters say their biggest concern was a brush fire spreading on Spencer Butte, but they say they got a break from the weather because the wind worked in their favor.

Two to three fire companies were assigned to stay at the scene through Thursday evening to keep an eye on the area, and to begin an initial investigation into the cause.

Four to five houses on Cline Road, just south of the fire, were temporarily evacuated as a precaution after the fire started.

One structure and a few buses on the property were damaged in the fire.

The homeowner was home, but not near where the fire started. No injuries were reported.

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