Fire Crews Use High-Tech Equipment

QR-Codes-250x250YREKA, Calif. — Firefighters are using high-tech equipment on the front-lines of wildfires.  Starting this year, QR codes are scattered around fire camps, and all around people are using smart phones.

Firefighters and other personnel are using the QR codes to download maps, daily rundowns, and schedules with the click of a button.

“The key is that you need to download it in cell service, and you will be able to save it to your phone so that way you have that hard copy right on your phone and as long as you have power you’re good to go,” said Jesse Morris, a CAL Fire employee.

The new technology is also saving resources and money.  Along with smart phones, firefighters are using I-pads, satellite phones, and GPS units in the field.   Morris said they come in handy and are better than carrying around bulky maps.

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