Fire Damages Santa Clara Apartments

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EUGENE, Ore. — Neighbors are still recovering from the shock of a fire that crept through the Green Leaf Village apartment complex in Santa Clara early Saturday morning. The blaze started just before 2 a.m. Neighbors and their pets got out of the complex safely, but many were still shaken up.

Karin Caroll says she always locks up her home, but for some reason Friday night she forgot to lock the back door. She was sleeping with her dog when someone slid open her back door and screamed at her to get out. She grabbed her purse, her dog, and ran out barefoot. No one was injured, but the damage was significant. Caroll’s home suffered major smoke damage, but she believes her neighbor’s apartment is a near total loss.

“I really care about him. We’re really good friends, and I think his apartment is completely gone. I’m so sad because he doesn’t deserve this or need this,” said Caroll.

Caroll says the flames were so aggressive, they swallowed the back of one nearby apartment in seconds. The Eugene Fire Department could not confirm what may have caused the fire.

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