Siuslaw National Forest Issues Warning

FLORENCE, Ore. — Oregon fire officials are sending out a serious warning after a fire broke out Tuesday night outside of the South Jetty in Florence.

Though it was contained early Wednesday morning, forest officials say it was human caused and they want to remind people how dry it is at this time of the year.

The Siuslaw National Forest declared a high fire danger Tuesday before the South Jetty fire, but they say despite the recent cooler morning weather, grasses and other fuels are still very dry.

“This is just a good example that we really are having a higher fire danger out on the ground,” said Katie Sapp with the Siuslaw National Forest. “It may seem a little bit damp in the mornings, or good humidity recoveries, but we still have some really dry fuels.”

Campfires are still allowed on Siuslaw lands in designated areas, but campers can’t leave until the ashes are cold to the touch.

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