Fire Department Seeks New Station

Harrisburg fire truckHARRISBURG, Ore. — Harrisburg’s fire chief says Wednesday’s fire at Smucker Pelleting is a perfect example of why the town needs voters to approve a new fire station in a few weeks.

The $4.2 million bond measure is on the May ballot.

The fire chief says the current station doesn’t have a live-in area, it only has one bathroom, and there’s not enough spaces to park vehicles inside.

He says they need a bigger facility to help accommodate a growing town.

“When the economy starts to turn a little more and we see the community begin to grow again, we need a fire station that can keep up with the growth of the town,” said John Goucher, Harrisburg Fire Chief.

Voters said no to a new station twice before–in 2002 and in 2006.

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  1. Matt M says:

    Incentives matter. Maybe the Chief lit the fire…

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